Welcome to West Kerr County

We are so proud of this beautiful area of ours. From the sunsets at Ingram Dam, to the boot fence in Hunt and the wildflowers in Mountain Home we have amazing people, promising businesses and room to grow!

Chamber Yeti Winners

Congratulations 12 n 12 Yeti Winners!

June – Jerry Hertzog, Ticket #422
May – Kerry Sutton, Ticket #815
April – Mary Sue Douville, Ticket #495
Mar. – Mike Simmons, Ticket #960
Feb. – Laura Greenwood, Ticket #089
Jan. – Laura Greenwood, Ticket #089
Dec. – Justin K., Ticket #134
Nov. – Reed Wareing, Ticket #478
Oct. – Dora Auld, Ticket #696
Sept. – Camber Alexander, Ticket #543
Aug. – Sandy Yarbrough, Ticket #146
July – Linda F. Ticket #008

Check back each month as we announce another lucky winner.

Texas Arts & Crafts Fair

Art, crafts, food and fun! Join us Sept. 26-27 at the Texas Arts and Crafts Fair to enjoy more than 150 artists, musicians, demonstrators and food vendors on the banks of the Guadalupe River.

Member of the Month

Guadalupe Bank

Guadalupe Bank was built by locals, for locals with local decisions by people in this community. We aim to maintain our face-to-face relationships and genuinely understand local needs.

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