Welcome to West Kerr County

We are so proud of this beautiful area of ours. From the sunsets at Ingram Dam, to the boot fence in Hunt and the wildflowers in Mountain Home we have amazing people, promising businesses and room to grow!

Welcome to West Kerr County Chamber of Commerce--If the flag is waving--the Chamber Office is Open

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Member of the Month

Rockoff Tree Solutions

November Member of the Month!

West Kerr County Chamber of Commerce

November Member of the Month!


Rockoff Tree Solutions believes the many species of trees in Texas are some of our most valuable assets. Their company provides the superior service and personal dedication to our clients to promote the health of trees. They work with you to manage diseases such as Oak wilt or Phytophthora Root Rot by expertly employing the Chemjet Tree Injector System. They can diagnose other issues such as improperly planted or root girdled trees and perform the necessary techniques needed to help them. Rockoff Tree Solutions is dedicated to protecting trees and they want your trees to thrive. They are the only arborists ever to identify oak wilt in Texas on Post Oak, Monterrey Oak, Lacey Oak in Kerrville, Gillespie, and Kendall Counties, Texas A&M TPPDL plant pathology confirmed positive.
Give them a call at 830.995.0304