Welcome to West Kerr County

We are so proud of this beautiful area of ours. From the sunsets at Ingram Dam, to the boot fence in Hunt and the wildflowers in Mountain Home we have amazing people, promising businesses and room to grow!

Welcome to West Kerr County Chamber of Commerce--If the flag is waving--the Chamber Office is Open

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Central Texas Electric Co-Op
Central Texas Electric Co-op (CTEC) received its charter from the State of Texas on June 19, 1947. We are a non-profit organization that is owned and controlled by the people it serves.
Headquartered in Fredericksburg, CTEC has branch offices in Kingsland, Llano, and Mason.
Currently we have almost 30,000 members, almost 47,00 meters, and just over 7,000 miles of energized line. We have approximately 140 employees across all 4 offices, led by our CEO Atanacio “Tachi” Hinojosa. Our Board of Directors consists of 11 members.
CTEC’s Mission Statement is “Providing our members safe, reliable, high-quality service at a reasonable cost.”

386 Freindship Lane
Fredericksburg, Texas 78624